Friday, November 26, 2010

I was born in pokali

Guru Kedar Baral
I was born in pokali VDC of okhaldhunga district B.S 2038.
The name of pokali VDC is founded by pokali fall. The fall is second tallest fall of Nepal and is 130m. People of okhaldhunga and other nearest district, worship the fall and also see the natural beauty of the fall ..
Still now I remember the event that happened to me when I was 7 years old. A old man like a red monkey approached me . I felt , he was pulling me toward pokali fall. We both went like rope way. Suddenly a cave appeared and we both entered there.Inside the cave there was female means the wife of the man who took me to the cave.firstly I couldn’t see her because herattiude revealed her devilism.Inside the cave we both remained as teacher and a student. He taught me many more about his knowledge. Inside the cave, I learnt many mantras taught by him because he was none other than a banjhakri. In simple language we can know him as jungle god.

People say that pokalifall is traditional home of banjhankri. Other castes and religions also go there and worship on their own way.
I got knowledge from pokalifall and banjhankri who lived there.after getting the knowledge from the ban jhakri I found ashram nepal an institution who serves the local ones who are suffering from the problems of present ,past and also forecast future incidents, love problems , divorce, addictions of various drugs and drinks ,sterility problems in females,loss in business matters,other family problems and many more.

Since I got knowledge from pokali fall I founded pokali fall service society in 2063B.S. and worked there as a president for 2 years. This society is mainly concerned with social services. I was born in pokali VDC of okhaldhunga district. Pokali VDC was named from the pokali fall .Pokalifall is religious and tourist area.
It is the second highest fall of Nepal . All highest fall do not show their effectivness .But pokalifall possesses all these.It has both religious and natural importances. The amount that is provided by Nepalese government for the progress of pokali VDC is misused by the people under the vdc committee,so I decided to make an icon eye on those people who misuse the budget.

Pokali jharna seems from eastern Ramechhape district. When pokali jharna falls its shape changes and takes shape of river.pokali mixes with liku many farmers' god hand in pokali.

How pokali name became famous? There is strange story of pokali fall. Near the pokali jharana there is big sunuwar sunuwar language ''po'' means pig and ''kali'' means site of garbages.It means it is the place where the pigs do their dirty works .
Instead of knowing the religious and natural importance of this fall the local people go to badri and kedarnath.
My life is linked with poklai. I got knowledge from banjhakri spending seven month. My student are American Japanese European and other .I am only the person who frequently visits the foreign places I have already gone to 38 states .Whereever I go I talk proudly about pokali fall and its importances .since this fall has changed my life.
For me pokali is my pride my glory and my deep respect..


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